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Personal training designed to FIND YOUR FIT

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YV FITNESS is a brand that strives to not only improve lives physically but mentally as well. Through personal training and health coaching, I help individuals FIND THEIR FIT! 

We are all different in our own unique ways. I work to show my clients that FIT varies from person to person. FIT for one person may be the perfect physique, but FIT for another could just mean being able to run around in the yard with their kids. Others FIT may be just wanting to reach something off the top shelf without pain. YOUR FIT should focus on how YOU CAN BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF YOU! 


A fun way to get your group moving! Offering cardio, strength and mobility based group exercise classes. 


Personal training style focused on fundamentals and functionality. Teaching clients how to move better and become stronger to increase quality of life. 


PERSONAL TRAINING: Offering one-on-one, small group sessions and now virtual training! Training sessions are currently in home or a meeting place decided between trainer and client. 


 FITNESS PARTY: Offering cardio, strength or a mobility class to your large group.


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"Coach/Trainer Brackens is a knowledgeable professional who pushes me to do better each and every session. Her workout routines keep me on my toes from one exercise to the next, helping me to avoid any plateauing and allowing me to constantly progress. On top of the one-on-one sessions, Trainer Brackens also provides quick video-demonstrations that help me see how to perform certain exercises properly and with varying levels of added difficulty. As a working professional juggling familial responsibilities, extracurricular activities, and travel, I was worried that my many other life demands would disqualify me from remaining a client of Cierra's for long. I'm happy to say that I was wrong. Coach Brackens offers a variety of scheduling options to choose from and has proven to be extremely flexible when it comes to change if needed. Overall, my experience with YV Fitness has been outstanding. I'm a much healthier and more fit person under Trainer Brackens' guidance. Beyond her effectiveness as a trainer, Cierra also has a warm personality that encourages me to push myself every time we meet. I highly recommend Your Version Fitness for anyone looking to achieve their health goals."

- Steven S. 

"Cierra Goes Above and beyond"

- Ethel M

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